Cainsoft Limited

Financial Technology Solutions

Cainsoft provides custom software solutions to investment advisors, wealth managers and institutions. In fact, more than 100 firms rely on us daily for trade management, portfolio analysis, client reporting, compliance, and process automation. We are honest and transparent in our client relationships, and committed to providing world-class support. Entering our 16th year of business, we are proud of the fact that our clients have been with us year after year, and through the continuous evolution of our solutions.

Value Proposition

Our goal is to help our clients run an efficient and compliant business by improving operational bottlenecks and increasing employee productivity. We enjoy working on intellectually challenging projects and delivering high quality results to our clients.

Since we are dedicated to your industry many of the core building blocks for your project may have already been developed. Your project is guaranteed to get off to a huge head start. In addition to our expertise and wealth of program code to work from, we will also minimize the time required by your staff. Often, we can build your custom module or report from a simple spreadsheet mockup or PDF example. Time is money, your time as well as ours.

  • Entrepeneurial

    Privately owned and managed since 2001.
    Client-driven business model.
    Enthusiastic problem solvers.
    Passionate industry professionals.

  • Focused

    Work exclusively with financial firms.
    Most clients use Advent systems.
    Specialize in Microsoft technologies.
    Specialize in Amazon cloud platforms.

  • Experienced

    Fixed income trading and analytics.
    Advent APX and Axys accounting.
    Major market data platforms.
    Pre-trade and post-trade data analysis.

Vertical Market Solutions

Our solutions are born from real world needs, and evolved over time through continuous collaboration with our clients. We realize that all firms do things a little bit differently, and that it is impossible to fit these differences into a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we tend to develop our applications as a framework; allowing us to customize the details according to your requirements.

Institutions and savvy high net worth investors are demanding more from their investment advisors. Do you have the ability to "mass customize" portfolio reviews, or does an increase in clients result in increased headcount? Is quarter end reporting a stressful time at your firm? Leverage your existing IT investment. Every firm that we work with has some type of IT investment already in place: networking, portfolio accounting system, market data, analytic software, research systems ... How well do these pieces talk to each other? Do you have a unified strategy in place, or simply a collection of tools? Cainsoft can help you make, and implement these decisions.

  • Fixed Income Trading

    Model Driven Trading
    Generate Pre-Allocations
    Trade and Cash Management
    Settlements and Reconciliation
    Enforce Investmnent Policy
    Automate Your Workflow
    Advent APX and Axys Compatible

  • MARS Presentation Builder

    Analytic and Performance Reporting
    Performance Attribution
    Account Aggregation
    Composite Management
    Marketing Databases
    Microsoft Office Compatible
    Advent APX and Axys Compatible

  • Process Automation Service

    Leverage Your Advent Data
    Data Reformat and Transfer
    Amazon Web Services / Azure
    Fidessa / Bloomberg / Reuters
    Custom Procedures and Reporting
    Automate Your Workflow

Custom Software Development

We design custom software applications that solve your toughest problems, fit seamlessly into your current processes and systems, and produce measurable results for your business. It’s important that your custom systems serve the needs of your business and your users. We’ll extend the life of the legacy systems you rely on every day by improving performance and stability, building out new features and fixing bugs. After we deliver, we’ll keep things running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

  • Planning and Consulting

    When you come to us to talk about your software project, the first thing we do is listen. We learn about your business and your project in order to understand your development needs and to determine whether Cainsoft is a good fit. If we think we can help you, we’ll work with you to develop a proposal. We use your early project requirements, historical data from previous projects, and our expertise to initially estimate cost and timeline.

  • Design and Implementation

    All of our design and development practices are aimed at producing maintainable, extensible, and highly usable software. We begin with the most essential features, so we deliver the most value early-on in the process. We then build your custom software incrementally, one fully-tested feature at a time. We add new value to the project at each iteration. Our test-driven development ensures that your software is always well-designed and fully tested.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Software projects are rarely “done.” Most of the lifelong cost of a custom application is in the ongoing enhancements/maintenance and associated infrastructure costs. Luckily, we’re with you for the long-term. We’ll maintain and manage your application to keep it operating efficiently, and further protect your investment through business continuity planning. We are committed to being the easiest, most flexible and most convenient team you’ve ever worked with.


  • Fixed Income Trading
  • MARS Presentation Builder
  • Process Automation Service

  • Custom Applications
  • Financial Systems Integration
  • Workflow Optimization

  • Advent APX and Axys
  • Major Market Data Platforms
  • Fixed Income Trading and Analysis

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